China Glaze Nova OPI Black Onyx

“Black Ice” New Years Eve Nail Art Tutorial

I wanted to create something dark and icy for new years eve. This is the perfect combination of the two. It gives off that snowy blizzard effect. Remember to use chunky glitter and a dark base. Concentrate the glitter on the tips of your nails till its almost opaque, then gradually bring it down to give off the look of icicles!! This is very easy and doesn’t really take any artistic ability. I think this is a perfect look for anyone to try! A dark red with some bright green glitter would also look nice for the holiday season :) Maybe ill try that next!! The polishes I used for this were China Glaze Nova and OPI Black Onyx. xoxo

  • nancy

    Great idea! Love the color of that glitter. I migth try this with gold glitter.

    • Jenny

      that will look very pretty!!

      • amandbinesa

        you really should try those nails!!!!i i <3 them!!!! sincerelly Amanda Bines!!!! <3!!!!!!!

  • Malinda

    Those are super cute!! Which top/base coats do you use? I have been through SO many and none look that good!

    • Jenny

      seche vite!!!

  • Lisa K.

    love this look-gonna try it!

  • Valis

    Hi Jen,

    Just wanted to give you a head’s up that Glam has featured this nail tutorial as one of our favorite to rock on New Year’s Eve. Keep up the great work and happy New Year!