daisy nail art

Daisy Nail Art

To see a video tutorial on how to create this simple manicure keep reading!!!

  • http://www.carstina.com/ Carina

    I wish I could do my nails as well as you!

    Carina xx

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      practice!! xoxo

  • Rachel

    Simply cute!

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous


  • Judy

    Another beautiful nail design!

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      thank you!

  • Leah

    OMG, That design is soooo cute, I wish I could do my nails like that!!

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      you can!!!

  • Zoie Turner

    Could you specify which dotting tools and nail stripers you use?

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      i have them linked in the video description!

  • rachel

    Did this cute nail art and got lots of compliments! And pretty much all of your nail tutorials are amazing…i almost did all of them! I would really appreciate it if you could show an easy way to make a houndstooth nail art…I’m struggling with it and i’m sure your way will be the best!! I will keep on following your tutorials…thank u so much

  • Evelyn

    These are super cute! Have you ever tried doing a Britto nail tutorial?

  • Jillian

    I feel like I stalk you because I love your videos so much haha! You’re funny, creative and inspiring! These nails are so cute for spring!