Easy Nail Art For Beginners!

To see a video tutorial on how easy it is to create these three manicures + more photos, keep reading!

cloud nails

cloud manicure

half moon mani

half moon nails

Enjoy the video! Which one is your favorite?! – Jen

  • http://www.laurenzie.com Lauren

    These are gorgeous! I love the color you used for the silver half moons. I think those are my favorite but the other two are super cute too!

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      Thank you!!!

  • http://thebubblybrunette.wordpress.com Chris

    What polishes did you use?

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      for which mani?!

      • Kristel

        What colors did you use for half moon mani?

  • http://shortandsweetjoy.blogspot.com/ Joy

    I love the ladder looking one, so cute!


    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      Thank you!!! :)

  • http://blog.iamakingart.com/ Paulina

    Great tutorial :) The first design is gorgeous! <3

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      Thank you so much!

  • http://mrsbeautyjunkie83.blogspot.co.uk Pavan Virk

    I really like the ladder look, just found your website and really like it xxx

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      Thank you so much! glad you found me! :)

  • http://tecuentomistrucos.blogspot.com/ lola

    Nice post! Kiss from Andalucía


  • http://swatchedsecondcity.wordpress.com Alex

    I saw your video on the birchbox blog, and I just found you on instagram, too! :)

    These three looks are so fun! I really want to try the clouds/steps mani. What colors did you use in that one? They all look like they’re very opaque in one coat.

    Thanks for the idea!

  • Alexis

    I love all three but the first it probably my favorite. Definitely a big fan :) I started doing nail art when I found your blog over the summer!

  • Mal

    Tried the 1st look tonight–looks amazing, and I am totally unskilled at nail painting! Thanks for the awesome tips…so glad I found your blog!!

  • Jeanie

    Thank you for these tutorials! I LOVE all three and would love to see more! You make it look so simple. I can’t wait to try them.

  • Snookie

    Hi, I like the first one the most.
    What is the gold base color underneath the blue?

  • http://sonailicious.com/ Maria @SoNailicious

    Great tutorials Jen and beautiful colour choices!! For the ladder look, it will be even easier to do it with sticky tape. xx

  • Emily

    I have been watching your videos on YouTube for a while now. I have learned a lot from you. Keep making videos!!! Also, your hair is so pretty- love the color. :)

  • Becca

    can you please list the polishes you used for the first design? :)

  • Elizabeth March

    I LOVE THIS IDEA(: it is so fun and quick to do but looks complex!(:

  • http://theprintedsea.blogspot.de/ Ira

    Amazing post! Have a nice weekend:)


  • Chelsia

    Love them all!! What’s the purple nail polish colour? :)

  • http://lifeisbetterincolour.blogspot.com/ Alja

    Wow, I have to try out the first one! Perfect for the spring. Really really love it :)


  • http://thefab411.com Rachel G

    you should post the color you used

  • Snookie

    Hi, I like the first one the most.
    What is the gold base color underneath the blue?

  • Lorraine

    The first one’s my favourite :) I never imagined I could get my nails looking so pretty with such easy steps! Thank you :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/kelliemurray Kellie

    Can you tell me what polishes you used on the first and third mani? They are so pretty!!!

  • http://polishandpearls arieta

    hey my name is arieta but you can call me ariy i watch you on youtube every day and i love your nails and im ten years old and i just love you

    • http://polishandpearls arieta

      <3 <3 Jenny is soooo cool <3<3

  • bren

    really cute designs, love the 1st one, what color yellow is that you used for the 1st one?

  • navina ragoo

    i just love your patterns, they excite me…. :)

  • Beenie

    LOVE your nail art videos…..where do you get your nail striper and other nail art tools?

  • http://pinterest Sue

    I loooooooove the first one. I can’t wait to try it. Keep making the nail tutorials.

  • http://pinterest Sue

    I looooooooooooove the first one and the last one is a close second for the reverse French manicure. Keep up the great tutorials.

  • Lyss

    I love allll of the nail art!!
    Where do you get your nail art tools??