Essie Bikini So Teeny

My current nail polish obsession is Essie in the shade Bikini So Teeny. I posted the above photo on my Instagram account. I thought I would share it on my blog for those of you who don’t use Instagram (although you should!! My user name is MissJenFABULOUS) haha. Anyway, this color is from their new summer collection and its a gorgeous baby blue. Two coats and it was opaque! More nail polish tutorials and photos coming soon!


  • Stephanie

    HUGE fan of Essie! Must go swoop this color asap! x

    Stephanie in Style

    • MissJenFabulous

      its a must have

  • Shamika

    I love that essie polish that you have on the blue is gourgous. I’m gonna have to pick that up

    • MissJenFabulous

      you will love it

  • Keila

    Hi jen
    Should I get the bikini so teeny collection if I do what colors do you recommend? And can you do a Essie nail polish collection?

    • MissJenFabulous

      i like this color and mojito madness which i just posted. the others didnt do anything for me :)

      • Keila

        Thank you!!!!

  • Keila

    Can you please do a nail art tutorial on using the Essie summer 2012 collection?

  • Sonja Petrovic

    Jennieeee where can i see results of your giveaways? xxx

    • MissJenFabulous

      i emailed the four winners to both giveaways!

  • stella

    Man, bikini so teeny is sold out at my walgreens and targets!:( i can get it next time.