Essie topless and barefoot swatch

Review and Swatch: Essie Topless & Barefoot

There has been a lot of hype about this polish in the beauty community…

This polish if from Essie’s new spring collection. I also picked up Coat Azure which I wore and reviewed here.

I think there has been a lot of hype surrounding this shade because its such an opaque nude. Many times nude polish can be on the thinner side and tend to apply streaky.

This polish does have a nice consistency, but on my skin tone it doesn’t do anything for me. It matches my skin so perfectly that it looks like I’m not even wearing polish. I need a nude that’s either a shade lighter or darker than this.

This color would look best on darker skin tones.

This is two coats.

Do you own it/like it? What is your favorite nude polish??


  • chell

    oh i loved it!!! it’s nude pinkish right??
    it’s nude! LOVED IT!!

    • Jenny

      not really pink..just light nude. its a gorgeous color but blends too much on me!

  • tess

    what shade are you in MAC?

    • Jenny


  • Ashley Breton

    Ive been looking for this color everywhere!!

  • Caroline

    I’d like to give it a try. I am growing out my nails and want something that is clean and subtle. This might be it.

  • Kathy Cabrera

    this is very similar to my essie’s sand tropez! very pretty on olive complexions

  • Maria

    Do you do your own nails?? Tutorial please! :D

    • Jenny

      yes i have a video on it called how to paint your nails like a pro :)

  • Zen K

    I’ve got this polish and the PERFECT nude for my skin tone (Mac – C4) it has the slightest tone of peach in this opaque nude& reminds me of being on a European trip. It’s chic and goes with everything from gold to silver jewelry to a super sweet dress for night time!
    Jen – I would definitely recommend Essie Playa del Platinum as an opaque nude – it has a grey/taupe undertone….love it!

    • Sammie

      Hey Zen, Playa del Platinum is my favorite too! And I feel the same — I always feel so classy and chic and Parisian when I wear it for some reason! :]

      • Zen K

        Hi Sammi – I know right? it sure is one of the better Essie polishes out there. I’m surprised it doesn’t get much attention but happy to know that you feel the same way about it :) My go-to nude is actually Essie Not just a Pretty face – Iove love love the pinky tones in it…seeing has I have a warm undertone it compliments it surprisingly well. You should try that one as well if you haven’t already :)

  • Germann

    I have the OPI Samoan Sand and that’s my favorite nude!

    • Jenny

      thats one i have never purchased i think i may need to check it out!

  • jenny

    I’ve wanted to try this for months! I’m quite pale and have been unsure if it would do anything for me so it’s interesting you think it’d be better suited to darker skin tones. Any recommendations for nude polishes that would suit pale, pink-toned fingers would be totally appreciated!

    • Jenny

      essie-Jazz seems to be the perfect shade for me …but unlike topless & barefoot its thin and needs a good three coats which stinks!!!!

      • keila

        I hear you. I hate it when your favorite nail polish needs 3 coats!!

  • Allie

    Sorry that the color doesn’t work for you! I hate when you get a color, and then seeing it on your fingers just doesn’t look right. But I’m definitely going to try this out since I have really fair skin.

  • MJ

    I too was disappointed in this color. I have put it on twice so far and removed it immediately both times. I’m a MAC NW 20 like you. Still searching for that perfect nude.

  • ana

    try polar bear (it could be polar bare) i think its called by opi super pretty i got it last time on my toes and loved it!!

  • Roma

    I’ve had this color on for exactly one week today and I LOVE IT! such a pretty nude and ur right about it blending in too much. I thought so too at first on myself but it is just a tiny shade lighter against my skin tone. You should try Jazz or Sand Tropez from Essie. Those won’t match ur skin too much and they’re pretty opaque nudes as well..

  • Sheilla

    Maybe you would like Sand Tropez, it’s a little lighter :) :)

  • Laetitia

    Woaw ! that Nude what i’m looking for! Thank U !

  • jen e

    you need to find pure porcelin ( i could not figure out how to spell this word for the life of me and im in bed too lazy to get out and look at the bottle but its driving me crazy that the spelling looks crazy) from the spring orly collection, i absolutely love the color it doesnt match any other nudes I own and is so opaque.

    • Jenny

      ohh i just image searched it! thank you it looks nice

  • Catherine Mandala

    (You probably already have this one) But, do you like Deborah Lippmann’s ‘Naked’? It’s pretty similar to this!

  • http://Cox Karen

    I’m Asian and I am not feeling this polish. I have put this on my nails twice and don’t like it. I think my skin tone has too much yellow undertones to make this work.

  • steph

    butter london’s –yummy mummy!

  • Erika Nicole

    I actually went out and purchased this color, I don’t remember my color in MAC but i’m a fair golden color and it shows up too pink on me…
    i mean, i love the color, but i WANT a nude nude (like the effect in jen’s picture), and saint tropez is too dark of a nude for me.
    any suggestions ?

  • Colette

    I bought “topless & barefoot” cause OPI “My very first knockwurst” from the Germany collection was sold out which I really wanted to try out. Im very fair (MAC C1) and “topless” looks so gorgeous on – very chic, ooooolala! :D
    Love love the name too. Yes, im also a sucker for cool nail polish names, lol.