frankenstein nails

Frankenstein Nails

To see a video tutorial on how to create these fun Frankenstein nails for Halloween

  • Olivia Frazier

    I love your designs so much! This is my favorite Halloween one though:)

    • MissJenFabulous


  • nkartha

    Hi Jen! What green nail polish did you use for these? Love it so much. You are my absolute fav on YouTube btw! I love your style and personality so much. Keep up the great work!

    • MissJenFabulous

      thank you so much!!! Lime Crime Pastelchio

  • Patricia

    Love the green color and ideas for nails!

  • Tanvi

    This is so cute!! I tried it, but my nail was too short, so my Frankenstein has no mouth. Your ideas are so original and fun!

    • MissJenFabulous


  • Devin

    I’m tweaking this idea for my costume, I’m being Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas so I think I’m gonna do a different color and do the stitching pattern :)

    • MissJenFabulous

      send me a pic on twitter :)