christmas nails

Glitter Holiday Nails

To see a video tutorial on how easy it is to create this fun Holiday manicure, keep reading

  • Patricia

    Super cute and adorable. Love the tree!

    • Patricia

      The first tree, sorry. Love the first manicure!

      • MissJenFabulous


  • ivana

    LOVE the first one! But I definitely will be trying. Both #1 and #2! :)

  • Emily

    I love the first! I actually tried it tonight, but I just have one question, how do you get the sparkles on the middle nail so solid ? I tried it and it doesn’t look anything like yours :/

    • MissJenFabulous

      i put a silver base down first so if there is any spaces it blends in!

  • Aimers

    Love them all! Especially the first one!!

  • Stacey

    The 3rd one is so cute :)

  • Stacey

    the last one is super awesome :)

  • Virginia Isaacs

    love, love, love all your tutorial videos! I loved the
    first one and my daughter loved the second with Rudolph! I am attempting to do Rudolph for her so wish me luck! :)

  • Virginia Sage Isaacs

    Love the first one! My daughter loves the second so I will be attempting the Rudolph! Wish me Luck! Thank You for posting your tutorial videos:)