• Rachel

    Hey Jen – just wanted to ask if you heard about the cease and desist letter that Ciate sent out to a bunch of bloggers for using the term “Caviar Manicure” on their blogs? Apparently they don’t like bloggers telling people how to get their look for cheaper. On thepolishaholic.com’s blog today she wrote about it too. Just a heads up that you may not want to call it a “Caviar” manicure. Personally, after hearing about what they said to these bloggers, I won’t buy from their brand! Silly companies. Just wanted to give you a heads up! And thanks for the awesome tutorials! :)

    • http://the-glitter-blog.blogspot.com Susie

      The most hilarious thing about the Ciate debacle is that they haven’t even secured the trademark yet – they’re still applying for it! So technically, they have no business sending out cease and desist letters yet. Because of their baby-ish reaction to all of this, I hope DIY versions of the caviar manicure end up overshadowing their kits in the blogosphere.

      • Jiji

        I completely understand how the company wouldn’t want people making amateur videos describing ways to basically undermine their product. Let’s say you make a product and you name it whatever. You wouldn’t want cheap harlots making videos on how to make your crap. If thats the case we may as well all start doing diy Clorox and diy Laffy Taffy. How about diy Urban Decay, Mac, and Wet n’ Wild. I’m gonna make diy AT&T internet. -_- It’s the principle of the whole matter that anyone with decency would at least just say diy beaded nails or some shit like that.

        • Jiji

          But, great to Jen for not being ignorant and agreeing with you. She could have at least said Caviar manicure dupe. It makes it sound like it’s not as good as the real product but is good for someone without the money. Even if it is as good a quality manicure as the real product it can at least sound innocent of being a douche. P.S. I was not calling Jen a harlot, BUT i was calling whatchamaface up there one. She knows that’s exactly what she is

  • Stacy

    That’s so funny you posted this video. I just bought those exact microbeads from Michael’s tonight to try to do this on my own as well. Great video!

  • Alex

    You bought the Metallic microbeads or the Luster microbeads?

  • Lolamitchell

    Cute! Love it! I love the fun punchy colors! :) Thanks for replying on Twitter about which YSL lipstick to get! It helped to have input from someone with a few! I really wanted to buy my first YSL lipstick for my 30th Bday, I went with #2 like you suggested! :)

  • http://www.beautybloglaura.com Laura

    Super leuk gedaan.
    ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin,
    volg je me terug? xx

  • Courtney

    Really love this!! So I went out the other day to buy these and I got the Martha Stewart brand but got the metallic colors since that is all they had in my store anyways….been having some trouble with the beads, when I put a top coat on the beads they instantly change from whatever color they are to a yucky silver color!! Any help and advice would be awesome….want to be able to do this new nail trend :D

  • http://rockthest.blogspot.com Daiana

    Great blog! I’m following you now.

  • heather

    love the nails, but do the beads fall off with wear? how terrible was it to take off? thanks :)

  • shan

    can i ask what pink u using? can i have the name?

  • http://Gmail.com Bailey

    Hi Jenny I tried these nails. They are awesome! Can not wait for your new video. Can you do and French manicure? Bye bailey beckwith

  • http://polishandpearls.com nailnerd

    when you want to remove the design, how do you take it off?