how to galaxy nail tutorial

How To: Galaxy Nails!!!

This is so easy to do!!! Keep reading to watch how, and to see the colors I used!


Let me know what you think!!! If you try it out, send me a photo on Twitter or Facebook!

OPI- Black Onyx (base)
OPI- swimsuit nailed it
China Glaze- Sea Spray
OPI- Shorts Story
Essie- Carnival
China Glaze- Techno


  • koolystiic

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I want to try this

    • Jenny

      thanks :) you have to its so easy!!!!

      • tishy

        i love galaxy even the nails

    • Girly Girl

      I LOVE IT! OMG I love all of your tutorials I hope you never stop making them!!!!

  • Yukiko

    OMG It’s BEAUTIFUL! Im def gonna try this too!

  •!/profile.php?id=100000452607741 tuesday

    have you realized that when you use glitter nail polish from the outside its so thick but when you put it on theres no glitter (e.g. rainbow connection) lol i luv it

  • Michelle

    Awesome tutorial! I’m going to try it out!!

  • Floor Daasvand

    Omg it’s sooo pretty! <333

  • MariJo

    This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!

  • Anna

    Oooh I love it :)
    Ill have to try this out… I just had to cut my nails really short cause 2 nails broke but I feel that this can look rather good on shorter nails too :)

  • Emmy

    So pretty! I love you’r nail art! I have seen galaxy nails many times before but did not know it was so easy! :D I have to try this! :) Thank you for the wonderful insperation! xoxo

  • Sandra
  • Caro

    wow!!!!! fantastic!

  • Malu

    Beautiful!!! I’ll try on my nails…

  • Beah

    Hello! It’s so prettty<3 Thanks so much for the tutorial! I tried it out and I hope you look at it:) Thanks!

  • Emily

    This is THE most beautiful mani ever. I have purchased all these polishes and will be recreating this look. :) Thank you soooooo much!

  • Ling

    I’m totally going to try this. You made it look so easy!

  • Jacqueline

    Love it! I regret not buying Techno when I passed by it the other day. Guess I’ll have to go back for it!

    Just curious, may I ask what your accent is?

  • ReinaReign

    This is awesome! I’m going to try it out tonight! :)


  • Pia (Glitzy Gloss)

    I really like them, nice work :)

  • Nina Patricia

    I want to try this, I guess is time to purchase a black polish :)

  • Melek

    Congrats ! i love you tutorial !! is really amazing a gorgeous idea
    thanks :D

  • Anna B

    My nails aren’t really strong and break often. Do you have any suggestions to make them stronger? I love doing my nails but they don’t grow very long because of how weak they are.

  • Mandy

    BEAUTIFUL nails. Love them.

  • carol

    I really enjoy it …. and I’ll try this week!!!
    Visit my website:

    xoxo, Carol

  • Vernizólica Anónima

    Your tutorial inspired me to do this and I loved it! Thank you so much for teaching us :) Here it is, my galaxy nails experience:

  • Birthday girl

    I love this !!!! <333 :** My birthday was yesterday and next week im celebrating and i am soooo doing these! Thank you thank you
    Sorry for my english :P :)

  • ivonne

    ahhhh; i wanna try these. i always get my nails done but i have been dying to find nail designs i can do myselff!

  • Moussia

    I loved your tutorial! I love fun nails but I hate complicated techniques that allow any chance for me to mess it up! Here is my version:
    Fashion Firecracker

  • Chey

    AMAZING!! <33 xo

  • tina
  • Melanie

    Great tutorial! I love that you used holographic glitters for the stars instead of (like i’ve seen on other blogs) that use little white spots of nail polish! Great ideas! Now to purchase the essie glitter AND china glaze! lol

  • Annie

    I love this so much. It was awesome and cool. I’m going to be creative with other colors

  • Grace

    Does it work on toenails?

  • Bossy Certified

    Just Fab♥
    I really love this i wil be trying soon!

  • Sophie

    I tried this too! Yours looks fab! I would love you to check out mine :)

    Sophie xx

  • Sandy

    I love this design so much but unfortunately, I do not have these exact brands (such as China Glaze and O P I) but I do have those colours, will it still work?

  • Mallory

    I just tried this and they look amazing! Your tutorial was perfect! I did exactly what you did and they turned out as good as yours did! It’s so nice to try a new nail art technique and actually get the results you expect. Keep the tutorials coming! Thanks again!

  • Yesenia

    You inspired me ! I did them today and they turned out even better than I thought they would :) thanks!

  • Caitlin

    Wow! Amazing! I’m going to an engagement on Sunday and they match my leggings. I saw your tutorial on YouTube and it was really helpful. Made it easier to decide and now I know what I’m doing to my nails! And I can not wait to try it tomorrow! Thank you xx

  • scarlett

    much better than cutepolishes galexy nails yours is so much prettier!

  • Ivana

    Where can i find OPI Swim Suit Nailed it? I can’t seem to find any at the local stores here in appleton, wi. :( Can’t seem to find any on Ebay either. Any suggestions?

  • Michelle

    So, your galaxy nails are by far my favorite. I still can’t get them blended as well as you did but I’ll keep practicing.

    I used finger paints “black expressionism” China Glaze “blue iguana” NYC “sidewalkers”, NYC “East Village” Sinful Colors “Pink forever” and NYC “Starry Silver Glitter” which I totally love, it has the fine, small glitter, as well as the larger “stars” so I was able to take out a step and adding the “east village” gave the blue/gray base a turquoise top.

    Anyway I loved the videos and became a subscriber…thanks again :D

  • natasha

    super easy & in love with the final product. posted an image on my instagram:

    follow me! xo


    AMAZING!! <'33


  • Beki

    i LOVVVVVVE this so stinkin much! i cant wait to try it. THANK U! u rsooooo AWESOME!!!

  • CharBop

    I absolutely LOVE this look, definitely my fave galaxy nail art out there. Inspired by your youtube vid I had a go with my own look :D Unfortunately I didn’t have quite the right colours to hand so it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as yours, but hopefully I will invest in some more shades soon so I can try it again better! Check it out on my blog at :)


  • http://none mimi

    That’s right you are fabulous, i just cant wait to try this fast! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it so much im simply in love with this tutorial. a big thank you Darling. and as a person im in love with the galaxy and universe, so thats perfect for my little hands and my moon finger tattoo

    kisses from france ♥☾★

  • Sofie Zeckeh

    *dies* SOOO CUTE

  • beth

    omg theyre amazing i am such a fail at nail art though, I wish i could just get you to come and do it for me

  • Manfredbear

    These are stunning!! I’m off to find a sponge and give them a go! Cheers for all the tips xx