st patricks day nails

St. Patrick’s Day Nails

I decided to do a green ombre featuring a simple shamrock for this years St. Patrick’s Day nail design. To see a video tutorial on how easy it is to create this + a list of all colors used keep reading!

shamrock nails


China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, Barry M Mint Green, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Essie Mojito Madness, OPI Jade is the new black

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  • Paulina

    Oh, what a cute mani <3

    • MissJenFabulous

      thank you!

  • Yolennie

    absolutely lovely! Love the ombre effect!

    • MissJenFabulous


  • Joy

    lovely…I love these shades of green together! I’m actually thinking of what to do with my nails for st. patrick’s day lol

    • MissJenFabulous


  • Aija Mendoza

    So adorable! Now I have an idea for my nails during St. Patricks day. (:

    • MissJenFabulous


  • Sarah Dappen

    I love these so much! I was justing thinking of everything I could do with green for St. Patrick’s Day! I am thinking green nails, cupcakes and pancakes! :)


    • MissJenFabulous

      AWW that would be fun :)

  • Stephanie Jones

    I love your tutorials!!! Is there a way you can do a tutorial on hand and nail care?

    • MissJenFabulous

      Yes i am going to!!!


    lovely! will definitely try ! please visit my blog about fashion and make up

    • MissJenFabulous


  • Jess

    Could you do some Red Nose Day nails?
    Love them by the way. So cute!

    • MissJenFabulous

      im not sure what that is?!

  • MissJenFabulous = Awesome

    I am just suggesting this but, maybe you can do a theme like “School days”?

    • MissJenFabulous

      good idea!!!

  • Niec

    This is so cute! I love how you mixed it up by adding the ombre, GREAT way to make something we do every year (green polish for st pattys) a bit more unexpected. I love all your tutorials and videos.
    You are beautiful and really inspire a bunch of us girls, I saw some negative feedback on a recent video and wanted you to know that ppl will always hate on those who are confident and beautiful, inside and/or out. Don’t let them get you down, you’re a strong and confident guru that always gives us 110% and I’m sure I speak for us all when I say that! You are a boss! So keep up the good work and let those haters hate :)

    • MissJenFabulous

      AWWW thank you for such a sweet and supportive comment! that means so much to me <33333

  • Amy & Rachael

    Thanks for the idea Jen :) nice and easy to do, gonna try this technique for St Patricks Day since I live in Northern Ireland :D


    • MissJenFabulous

      YAY!!!! love to hear that <3333

  • Chloe

    Aahh these are so cute. I can see I’m going to be rushing around all day trying to find every single shade of green polish I own!! Gorge x

  • Emma

    This is so cute! I saw that you used mint green colors and I was wondering if you have tried Sally Hansen mint sorbet? It is my favorite spring nail polish and I love it!! You should check it out!

    P.S: I love your tutorials!!!