starbucks cake pops

Starbucks Cake Pops Review!

Being a loyal Starbucks addict, I had to try their new Cake Pops!!

Yes I am actually reviewing my cake pops! I was so excited when I heard Starbucks had added these little guys to their menu. They are kind of like mini cupcakes on a stick. Who wouldn’t be excited about that???

The cake pops come in three flavors, Birthday Cake, Rocky Road, and Tiramisu. They are 200 calories each, which to me seems like a lot. I decided to cut mine in half and save the other half for my boyfriend.

If you want to try one I would recommend Birthday Cake! It tastes similar to confetti cake, which is by far my favorite type of cake! Rocky Road tastes just like plain chocolate cake (disappointed). Tiramisu tastes like vanilla bean and not much else.

I was expecting the cake to be more like actual cake? I know that doesn’t make much sense, but the cake inside these were very moist! I’m not complaining, but it didn’t really have a cake texture, almost like a mushy pastry texture. Hard to explain!

Cost: $1.50 each, two for $2.50, or six for $7.50.

Starbucks has FREE cake pops today and tomorrow only!! From 2-5 p.m with the purchase of a drink!! They are celebrating their 40th B-Day!!

Are you going to get your free cake pop today or tomorrow?? YUM!


  • Alison

    I tried the Rocky Road and Tiramisu yesterday (also only ate half!). I completely agree, the Tiramisu was like a mushy paste lol. I thought the Rocky Road wasn’t bad but the Tiramisu was just weird!

    • Jenny

      haha yea definitely an unexpected texture!! you have to try birthday cake now. it was by far the best!

  • Kaelyn L.

    Thanks a lot Jenny, now I have to try one when I am in town today… Totally gonna go for the Birthday Cake one!

    • Jenny

      haha im sorry :( youll like it tho! <3

      • http://where brooklyn

        you will love the birthday cake is like a bite of heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tara

    I might have to try the Birthday cake one!!! They look yummy!!! :) If I may ask. I bought today the UD 24/7 eyeshadow pencil in Sin…love the color and 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. My question is what sharpener do you use with these that are good when I need to sharpen them? Thank you so much and LOVE you and everything you do!! :)

    • Jenny

      it is yummy!!! with those pencils, really any sharpener should do..i have a mac sharpener that i use on all my pencils and one from ulta as well, but you shouldn’t need anything special! xoxo

      • Tara

        Thank you so much Jenny…Your the BEST!!! I feel we are really good friends and so happy to have found you!!! :)

  • Jeni

    They look very delicious. Not selling them here tho. Someday! Looking forward to try them.

    • Jenny

      aw thats not good :(

  • Sharon

    I literally just went for a Starbucks run and decided to try the tiramisu one. Mine tasted a lot like coffee but they were pretty moist and really sweet. Like too much almost… But I can’t believe that it was that big! Like an oversized popsicle! haha

    • Jenny

      ya they are a lot bigger than i thought they were going to be!!! haha. yes very sweet but i have a sweet tooth! =)

  • Clara

    These are Yum love Birthday Cake one :D

    • Jenny


  • 2Anchor

    So when I saw cake pops I got extremely excited! I love them! However, the only Starbucks I have near me is in the grocery store and I doubt they will have them…but I’m going to try anways:)

  • shaglam

    I want to try them! I tasted cake bites at an event 2 years ago and I have been thinking about them ever since. I hope these are half as good as the ones I tried :)

    • Jenny

      they are very good! have to have a sweet tooth though!

  • Jen

    Ooh, these look yummy… Neat idea.

  • Drew

    Birthday Cake is sooooo delicious! My boyfriend n I went to Starbucks yesterday & they offered them to us free – I will definitely be making more trips to stabucks! Yum :D

    • Jenny

      agree with you!

  • lexi

    Yea i went there yesturday and they gave me a free one i really like the brithday cake i thought it was really good:)

  • jaimerockstar

    i’m going to try all 3 when i can and they look divine and super cute! thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Jenny


  • Allie

    Oh my god, these are so cute! I can’t wait to try them.

  • Jessica

    This is how they get the texture:
    You bake a cake, crumble it up into a bowl and add icing into the cake. Put it in the freezer for 15 minutes, scoop them into little balls, insert lollipop sticks and dip into chocolate and VOILA! Cake pops!! I’m making them for my son’s 2nd birthday :)

    I tried them all too and my favorite was also the birthday cake…yum.
    Love your blog and videos Jenny!!!

    • Jenny

      omg ty for sharing!!!

  • jackie

    I got one today! I was buying a strawberry lemonade slushie today and I picked the Rocky Road one cause I love chocolate!
    I wanted to get back in line immediately haha they were soo good! :D

    • Jenny

      haha thats so funny. next time youll have to get two!

  • Taryn

    My friend makes these on the side for extra cash and does a FANTASTIC job. These literally look like crap compared to the ones he makes. He forms them into little ducks, lady bugs, santa hats for xmas… SO cute!!! But.. the reason for my comment was I noticed you && others had a qualm with the texture…. Cake pops are meant to be moist and mushy bc the cake is first baked and then smashed all up into a bowl and then icing is mixed in with the cake. Then they are rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate and left to dry. It wouldn’t be a cake pop if it wasn’t mixed with icing & it wouldn’t be as you said too mushy and sweet and moist if it weren’t mixed with icing so I’d say stick with your regular cake then, as all cake pops will be this texture due to how they are made.

    • Jenny

      well im sure they would cost a lot more then $1.50 if they were ducks and lady bugs haha. it totally makes sense why they have that texture now thank you!! i might try to make them :)

  • melissa

    I tried making these on my own and they are great. You can ofcourse do different toppings!

    • Jenny

      omg they are super cute!


    LOVES me some Starbucks! We stopped by yesterday and were surprised to see the FREE Pops offer!! They were so pretty we had to give them a go. *sad face* DO.NOT.LIKE! Such an odd after taste. We tried both Birthday and Rocky Road. I’m glad they were free because now I know I don’t like them. 180 calories, too? Not worth it. Thanks for your review! <3

  • Jeni

    I bought a couple of those after work on Saturday. (I had just missed getting a free one because I finished work at 5 and by the time I got down the street to Starbucks it was like 5:15 or something like that.)
    I wasn’t that impressed by them. The birthday cake one wasn’t bad but the tiramisu one was just kinda…uncooked feeling. I think I may just stick to making my own. But they were yummy after the crazy day at work I had had before heading to Starbucks. :D

    • Jenny

      haha ya i got that uncooked feeling as well but i guess that is how they are supposed to be!! it was still yummy cant complain :)

  • polly

    YUM more food blog please

  • Cheri

    I live in Singapore and the Starbucks here sells Birthday Cake, Coffee & Chocolate Almond. I don’t know about you, but I thought that they were pretty badly done in terms of taste, texture and presentation =( I’ve done cake pops myself and … these are just really disappointing! =(

  • Lissa Kristine

    I think the Tiramasu ones need more of a coffee flavor, but they’re excellent (although, a bit higher in calories than I’d like for something so tiny- the marshmallow dream bar isn’t much higher in calories for a serving). They sort of remind me of cookie dough in texture.

    I’m about to eat one right now!

    • Jenny

      i didn’t try the marshmallow dream bar ..have to try that sounds good!

  • Melissa

    The cake pops aren’t baked, thats why they have that texture. I Make homemade cake pops for special events, like Birthdays, Holidays, showers, etc. My favorite flavor to make is the Red Velvet, everyone loves them :)

    • Jenny

      well the cake is baked and then mashed up..cant eat raw cake batter! haha

  • Morgan

    Tthey’re super moist because you bake the cake, break it up and mix in frosting. They’re super easy to make. You can find the recipe on bakerella, shes the creator of them…super cute cupcake ones on there I’m sure you’ll love!

  • LaPetiteBaker

    I love the cake pops! – my favorite is the Tiramisu. Does anyone know how they make the coffee that tops the cake pop?

    • Jenny

      i was wondering that myself..

  • Nicole

    If only i had a starbucks where I live!!! :P

  • Christina

    Like other people have said, cake pops are supposed to be like that because they are half cake and half frosting, mushed together. They should be called something else maybe? The name cupcake pops might make people realize that there would be frosting in there, too? Anyway, I’m glad you put up the review. I was wondering if they would taste bad, like many other bakery items at Starbucks, but it seems from your review that they are pretty good.

  • Monica Mathieu

    Haha ehhh I wouldn’t buy them! I am a cake decorator and I know how to make these. SO EASY! So when you are making a cake of any sort, any scraps you cut off the top of the cake are what you use for the cake pops! Take the scraps and crumble them. I like to take the scraps between my hands and rub them together :D Then take a little icing (use less than you think you will need! You can always add a little more!) and stir that in to the crumbled cake. Let the mixture sit in the fridge for around 20min and then use your hands and shape them around a stick. The texture should be a little softer than a tube of cookie dough. Let those sit in the fridge for 10-15mins then dip them in melted chocolate and decorate the way you like! Work fast after dipping in chocolate because the chocolate dries like a hard shell! You can store these for a couple days in the fridge but make sure they are in a plastic bag or wrapped because they get freezer/ fridge burn REALLY quickly because they are made with a lot of dairy and easily absorb smells and fumes floating in your fridge. Nobody likes garlic flavored cake! Don’t spend all of your money on the ones at Starbucks while you can have fun making your own!!!

  • anickH

    i tried the birthday cake and the tiramisu and I thought they were excellent. I liked the birthday cake one slightly better but they were both very similar in taste. only difference was the tiramisu had a slight coffee flavor which i though would be a lot stronger but was glad it wasnt. and yes they were both mushy/doughy but i wouldnt have wanted them dry. cake pops are supposed to be moist. thats would i liked most about them actually. so yum, someone said they were too sweet or something. no way!! not too sweet at all

  • Priyanka

    eating the dark chocolate raspberry truffle cake pop right now. I CANNOT get over how delicious it is – moist and soft, just the right mix of dark chocolate and raspberry, with a hard casing of chocolate that crumbles satisfyingly when you bite into it…wow, I could eat these all day.