stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer review swatch 1 silver 3 gold

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer Swatch & Review

Stila’s All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer’s have amazing color payoff and are fun to use!!!

I have Luminous silver 1 and Luminous Gold 3. They are both absolutely gorgeous colors that give off an intense sheen and glow wherever you place them.

These highlighters are fun to use because they almost feel like a nail polish bottle, with their large brush applicators. A lot of people compare these to Benefits highlighting products like High Beam. What I love about the Stila Liquid Lumizers, is that they are paraben free unlike Benefit. They come in glass jars, which I love, and the overall packing is just convenient and cute!

You can use them as a shadow base on your lid to brighten a color, under your brow bone, mixed with your foundation, or swipe it anywhere you want to shine. They give off a dewy finish with no glitter or sparkle mixed in. You can really control the color intensity by how much you put on and by how much you rub it into your skin.

I find that if you place it on your skin and wait 10-15 seconds to let it get tacky, you get a richer more intense color. If you rub it in immediately after applying it, you get a softer effect.

My favorite place to wear these are on my cheekbones and along my collarbone.

Retail Price: $22 from

Do you like these? Own these? Want to buy? Do you prefer a powder or liquid highlighter? Let me know your favorites!!



  • Jeni

    Never tried any Stila product. It is really hard to find then anywhere in Europe but the golden highlighter looks just amazing. Especially in the summer when we have a bit of tan I can just imagine how gorgeous they are going to look.

    • Jenny

      Oh you must!! They make amazing products. Check out their lip glaze! I agree with a tan..well fake tan in my would look so pretty. Now I want to get a spray tan and put it on and take some photos!! btw im sure amazon and sites like that ship overseas!

  • Jeni

    Yes, not a good idea. If you purchase something over 15$ it goes to customs. Which is okay if you didn’t have to wait for nearly 2,3 hours until you finally get your package and then you pay taxes on the package itself + the delivery, Ordered some blush yesterday was 35$ + 16$ delivery and had to pay additional 10$ taxes. Could just buy 2 x Channel’s instead. But thank you so much for the kind answer :)

    • Jenny

      wow thats awful :(

  • Laura F

    I looove highlighters! Currently use High Beam, with a little of the Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic, which is my absolute favourite, swept over the top. My High Beam is running low though, so I think I might look into trying this when I run out, as it sounds pretty similar. Could we see a pic of what it looks like on – is it fairly subtle like High Beam still?xx

    • Jenny

      Oh Ive wanted to try the shimmer bloc!!! Yes im going to take some photos with it on. They are really build-able if you just want a slight sheen you can do that or if you want intense it will do both!

      • Laura F

        Ooh sounds ideal! Would love to see the pics. Also, what’ve you got on your nails in the pic? Really like it!xx

        • Jenny

          ill take some photos today!! Its OPI barefoot in barcelona xoxo

          • Laura F

            Thank you! :)

            Ahh that explains it, that’s been on my ‘want’ list for months since you mentioned it in a vid and it looked lush! One day I’ll get round to actually buying it ha xx

  • Maria

    those this make the skin really oily ???
    because i have very oily skin & some liquid highlighters make the areas that apply them like gross oily…
    if these 2 don’t do a really gonna try them
    btw u r really pretty and very down to earth

  • Ciara

    Òh my goodness, these look gorgeous. I need to find somewhere to purchase them as soon as I can.

    • Jenny

      tell me how you like them once you try!!

  • Patricia Taveras

    Uhm, interesting. I may give them a try since I do need a highlighter

    • Jenny

      let me know if you do!

    • Jenny


  • Allie

    I’ve actually never heard of these, but I’m definitely going to have to give them a try. It looks like you’ve gotten good results so far. :)

    • Jenny

      ya they are great!! ty xo

  • Em

    I’ve never used a powder highlighter – I use Benefit’s High Beam saince I recieved it as a gift. I’ve always been apprehensive to try new products, but once my (mini) bottle of High Beam runs out I’ll try something new. Especially because High Beam has parabens, fragrance, and BHA! How has my sensitive skin not reacted to this before?! It reacts to everything!

    I’ll keep this luminizer in mind. Thanks for the review!

    • Jenny

      i think i use powder highlighters more frequently than liquid. like mac msfs. but youre welcome and let me know if you pick it up!

  • shaglam

    These are really pretty. I think they would be a bit much on the face (maybe not, though, if applied sheerly) but would look awesome on the eyes!

  • Gina

    Pretty! I just picked up a bunch of Stila products from Hautelook today…so excited :)

    • Jenny


  • clare

    Your nails look so pretty! is that barefoot in Barcelona?? love that colour!
    Have you tried San Tan-tonio? I just got that today, can’t wait to try it!

    • Jenny

      yes it is. i didt get san tan tonio it looked to brown some photos of it!!

  • Megan

    oh wow those look nice! i like the more white-colored one!

  • cailin

    i have one in number six, its soo pretty it looks like rubenesque paint pot!! but i think its discontinued!! :(