football nails

Super Bowl Football Nails!

super bowl nails

I hope you like these cute and easy nails, perfect for the Super Bowl!


football nail art

Enjoy the video tutorial below!

  • Drea

    I love your mani! This is perfect for Super Bowl!

    • MissJenFabulous

      thank you!

  • Audrey

    OMG these are so cute!!! how do u come up with these designs? ^.^

    • MissJenFabulous

      my lil brain! LOL

  • Lilliana Rivera

    Jen I absolutely LOVEEEE your channel on youtube & I love watching all the tutorial over & over again because I love them so much! :D Your blog is amazing & so is your instagram & twitter!!!

    • MissJenFabulous

      thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Joy

    cute nail art! I was actually looking for a brown nail polish for a football design lol

    • MissJenFabulous

      LOL thanks!

  • Monica

    Can you do a gangnam style nail tut?

  • Jess

    Welcome back Ms Jenn! Missed you! Love the Super Bowl nails!

    • MissJenFabulous

      thank you!

  • Rachel

    Love it!

    • MissJenFabulous

      thank you!

  • Nadia Cohen
  • Haley

    Those are so cute!! I’m so doing this the next time I have to go to a football game!

    • MissJenFabulous

      yay :)

  • Karina

    Hi Jen! I wanted to say thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and taking the time to make a tutorial for us viewers! I am thankful that you answered my tweet and I got to find your blog! I will be browsing so look out for my comments LOL. :)

  • Jessica

    How do you keep the white nail pen from turning yellow after applying a top coat? I’ve tried all kinds of top coats and they all make the white pen turn yellow.

  • Macey

    I love your nail desighns.

  • Rachel

    I tried your nails and I love them! I used Revlon’s “Posh” for the green because it was more vivid. The other polishes are the same! Thank you so much! I looooove it!