essie play date swatch

Swatch and Review: Essie Play Date

My favorite shade from Essie’s new Go Overboard collection!!!

Purple nail polish in general is probably my favorite color to wear. Play Date is a gorgeous bright pastel purple. Its unique because its a pastel but their is a almost neon factor to it. It definitely looks more “neon” in the photos because of my camera flash, but its still gorgeous in person!

This was two coats and application was great!

Do you like it?  Own it? Want to buy it? Let me know!! xoxo-Jen

  • Catherine

    Are those your natural nails?? They look amazing! You should post a video of how you maintain such healthy nails. :)

    • Jenny

      yes they are! im going to very soon :)

  • Heather

    So pretty! love the color! How do you keep your nails looking so perfect? You should do a video about it. :) So jealous of your nails!

    • Jenny

      ty im going to!!!!!

  • MariJo

    I’ve picked this up and put it down so many times!! It’s such a pretty color, but I’m not sure if I want something so bright. I’m probably going to just end up buying it anyway, lol. Looks great on you!

    • Jenny

      it doesnt look as bright in person! try it :)

      • MariJo

        I think I will. Since you’re twisting my arm ;0). LOL

  • Angie

    Can I just say I LOVE this color?!? I bought this last month, and wanted to wear it everyday for a month! But that would be way too boring with as many polishes as I own.

    • Jenny

      lol i feel the same way haha

  • Floor Daasvand

    pretty color <3

    • Jenny

      thanks <3

  • Maja

    Hehe I got this polish yesterday and also swatched it today on my blog.I’m in love,it’s my all time favorite purple!
    As you said it is more neon than pastel.Gorgeous!

    • Jenny

      thanks! going too be a summer fav

  • Nicole

    I LOVE this color! I’ll be purchasing this one for sure!

    • Jenny


  • Shandi

    That is gorgeous, purple is my favorite color.

    • Jenny


  • Olivia

    Oh, that is gorgeous! I may need it..

  • Jamie

    Is this a dupe of Illamasqua Jomina? I own the illamasqua one but am so close to picking this one up too…

  • Katrina

    Hi!!im inspired with ur nails and how u did them!!i have a request if u could do a video of zebra a rainbow with a zebra design.i hope u do it cause I want to try it.yhank u and keep doing those tutorials!!ur the best.and I followed u on instagram

  • melanie

    This is so pretty I’ll be buying this right now! lol But I have a question, are those your real nails they look it! But mine are that length and square too but they keep breaking on the corners.. -.- How do i fix that problem?

    • Nikki Henry

      I had that problem too..try using Orly’s Nail Defense. I saw a HUGE improvement…and I don’t keep my nails too long. I have long nail beds like Miss Jen and I find that your nails don’t have to be as long as you might thing…keep shaping them tp prefection…change polish at least every 5 days…don’t use
      acetone nail removal and use cuticle oil.

      Good luck!

    • Nikki’s Nails

      Try using Orly’s nail defense…no acetone remover….shape your nails regularly…dont wear them too long and use cuticle oil…

  • Nikki Henry

    Hi Jess,
    I LIVE for your vlogs..I love your nail polish collection. I have forwarded to ALL my friends. I happen to be a nail polish whore as well :-) But you are so fabulous! Did you ever try Fiji by Essie? (I’m sure your have). That is my new obsession even though it is the fall. I saw it on a girl this summer at an out door festival and I it was love at first sight! Also, I am loving Essie Good as Gold & A Place to Call Chrome (I think that’s the name)…I would love to see those colors on you.

    Nikki from NY!

  • Nikki’s Nails

    Miss Jen,

    Do you have tips on becoming a nail model??

  • Lori Adams

    Hi there,

    Play Date is one of my favorite polishes! I am a huge Essie fan. Your videos are terrific. Please don’t give any of those negative people the time of day!! You are great, and I truly enjoy your videos!!!

  • neonrainbow7078

    I just bought this color!!! I’ve been looking for a purple for a long time and I can’t wait to try it!!:)