china glaze snow globe swatch review

Swatch & Review: China Glaze Snow Globe

This nail polish was not what I expected!!! Keep reading for more photos + details.


I loved this polish so much in the bottle. The formula is way too thick and applied kind of gloopy. Is that a word? Anyway I am not a big fan of this glitter top coat. It pulls a lot on the yellow side which isn’t my favorite. Maybe I need to try it over some other colors, possibly black?! I’m not giving up on this one just yet!

On a positive note, it removes like normal nail polish! Maybe is has something to do with its weird consistency. There was no scrapping this glitter off, it simply removed like any other non glitter polish. I was very happy about that!

I applied two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and one coat of CG Snow Globe.

What do you think? Have you tried this over any other colors?

  • Nailderella

    Oh my! I do love it a lot! the glitters seem really thin, nearly like flakies!
    It reminds me of one of the new MAC polishes…!

    • Jenny

      yeah i think its almost an exact dupe for the new mac polish!!! yes they are thin and dont sparkle like i wanted and expected

  • blanca sosa

    Such a pretty color. Very unique with those sparkles :)


    • Jenny

      wish it sparkled more!!! <3

  • Jenn

    Try it over “Blue Years Eve”. I was happy with the result of those two paired together.

    • Jenny

      ohhh im going to do that next!. thank you

  • Jorge

    Oh my! I do love it a lot! the glitters seem really thin, nearly like flakies!
    It reminds me of one of the new MAC polishes…!


    • Jenny


  • Rakhee

    Hey there! it’s my first time commenting! :) If you like a similar color to China Glaze Snow Globe but with a much better consistency and quality (and even prettier on the nails!) try Orly’s Winter Wonderland. It truly is amazing and looks so expensive on the nails and comes off easy too. Try it out and let me know if you like it too! :)

    • Jenny

      ohhh omg i cant wait to try that one. and i love the name! orly is a brand i need to buy more of. thank you so much :)

      • Jacque

        Thank you both!!!! I have been OBSESSING over this glitter polish since an email I got back in September with a sneak peak of Halloween and Christmas collections. Of course it’s already sold out everywhere and anywhere China Glaze is sold around me. But after your review and pictures Jenny, and the recommendation from Rakhee, I might just have to skip the CG and go for the Orly. I recently bought my first few Orly polishes a couple weeks ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! They last almost forever without chipping and the colors are just gorgeous.

  • melissa

    You can even tell in this picture it’s not very sparkly.I personally would still buy it but I can see why you would be let down if you were expecting something more dramatic

    • Jenny

      yeah its sparkly in the bottle not on the nails. sad face!!!!!

  • Brittinay

    Loved it over OPI’s Russian Navy!

    • Jenny

      im going to try it over blue next!!!

  • Rachel

    It looks really pretty over a lilac purple shade or over black. I did expect it to be more sparkly though! It’s soooo thick!!!

    • Jenny

      i knowwww. lacks sparkle and so thick. odd combo.

  • koolystiic

    I like it but it kind of looks like a easter, spring-y kind of color

    • Jenny

      yes very true. has the pastel colors

  • Alicia

    I saw that color yesterday & I thought it looked pretty in the bottle also. So glad you did a review on this before I purchased!

    • Jenny

      ya not worth the money!!!!

  • Shandi

    That is pretty, I see what you mean about the yellow though…I do like that you said it removes easily, that’s a plus!
    I’m curious to see how it works with other colors.

    • Jenny

      yeah same here. im going to try dark colors next

  • shannon

    Oh, I really like this. Perfect for the holidays.

    • Jenny

      :) ty

  • Bonnie

    I love this nail polish! I painted it over OPIs Designer the Better, and it looked gorgeous! Got alot of compliments on it!

    • Jenny

      ohhhhh i love that color ill have to try that on my swatch wheeel

  • anisha

    Love this! Maybe adding another polish with fine glitter would make it more sparkly?

    • Jenny

      ya def cuz it doesnt shine at all

  • MariJo

    I love this!!! So pretty!

    • Jenny

      thank you!!!!

  • Macy

    This is definitely pretty, but way to sheer for me! I like opaque glitter polishes, so I don’t have to top them over another polish :) Good swatch though!

  • Chloe

    It looks pretty! But I can see the yellow that you are talking about, that wouldn’t be my favorite either!

  • Kristel

    Hey Jen
    How do you take off really glittery nail polish like the muppet collection polishes?

  • Cassandra

    Can you try “Snowglobe” over a light yellow? Please tell me how it looks. Thank you!

  • Hayley

    Stunning combo!! looks like snow !

  • Neha

    I own this polish and was excited to try it! I love the way it looks paired with a white base, but the consistency was definitely NOT what I expected. So thick and hard to work with :(

  • Georgia

    Jen, there’s a color that’s similar to that by Essie from the Luxeffects collection and I promise you it looks so much better. you should totally give it a try! It’s called Shine of the Times and it looks super gorgeous over a bright red, please give it try!! :)