essie borrowed & blue swatch

Swatch & Review: Essie Borrowed & Blue

The perfect powdery baby blue polish…

Borrowed & Blue is part of Essie’s 2011 Wedding collection. Its limited edition so I highly recommend picking it up if you can find it!

The only other baby blue I have is OPI Whats with the cattitude. This color looks almost white compared to the OPI polish. Application was amazing. This is two coats and it wasn’t streaky or thin.

What do you think? Do you own it/want to buy it?


  • Caitlin

    OMG! so cute!!! now i really want this!

    • Jenny

      its so pretty!

      • stella

        my cousin wore this for her actual wedding!

  • Amanda

    your nails always look so nice and pretty……love the color too…..will you to a tutorial on how to file and shape ur nails and cuticles that would be wonderful??!! thx!

    • Jenny

      yes i plan on it!!

  • melissa chavira

    i have this and i am so in love! i actually did a youtube video on it, and i dont even do videos, i just loved it that much! haha

    • Jenny

      aww lol ill have to check it out

  • Nicolette

    this is beautiful! I’m definitely going to see if I can get ahold of this, and now I want to checkout the whole collection. your nails look so healthy! I would love to hear what you do to your nails to keep them in shape.
    also, I love your blog and YT. keep it up!

    • Jenny

      thank you sweetie!

  • Emma

    Isn’t rumple’s wiggin a lavender color? I think maybe you meant to say what’s with the cattitude.

    • Jenny

      haha yes! thank you for correcting me

  • laura

    Oh my gosh! I actually bought this nail polish today.
    You got me even more excited to try it on now :)

    • Jenny

      you will love it!!!

  • Juliet

    Hello, I was wondering if you would do a swatch of this versus OPI’s what’s with the cattitude? I’m really curious as to how they compare, thanks! =)

    • Jenny

      yes i actually took photos of them ill update this blog tonight!

  • clare

    OMG that is such a gorgeous colour! going to have to go on a hunt for that one now!!

  • Maja

    Looks amazing!

  • Delina

    The color is really pretty and so perfect for spring! I just bought China Glaze Flyin High and it is just the prettiest turquoise and I just LOVE it. Keep the great videos coming!

  • Lizbeth

    Oh man I soo want that color!!! Such a pretty blue.

  • Anna

    I LOVE that nailpolish… If I could Id definetly buy it :)
    I live in Finland and we dont have Essie here and I have learned that it is VERY hard to order stuff from here… basically the only place its easy to order from are places withing Finland.. Sigh :/
    Really lovely polish though :)


  • Krista

    So pretty! I just picked this up, can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Liv

    I am IN LOVEEE with this color and blue is one of my favorite colors, do you know if there is any close drug store brands :)

    • Jenny

      yes sally hansen barracuda and hard candy sky!!!

  • Madi

    I love love love this polish its so pretty, I bought it right away. There is a Revlon color from their Top Speed formula called Cloud (710) and it’s an almost dupe (its more purple-ly white blue) and its gorgeous also.

  • Paola

    Where did you buy it?? I have been looking and no luck :(

    • Jenny

      i got it t a professional beauty store..i havent seen it anywhere else but online!

  • Eileen

    Have you tried Essie’s Smooth Sailing from their new summer collection?

    • Jenny

      no i havent seen that one yet!!!

  • Rachel

    Jenny how did you keep your cuticles so smooth and nice looking? i hate my nails i bite them so they look disgusting but i cant help it… :( how can i fix them???!??!

  • sonya

    This is my next purchase forsure!

  • Katherine

    I’m definitely picking this up next time I’m at Shopper’s! Beautiful x

    • Jenny

      you will love it!

  • http://Cox Karen

    Hard Candy nailpolish “sky” is a great dupe

  • Camryn

    I love this color:)I am totally check it out….
    How do you get you nail so long and perfect????

  • Maria

    After seeing you talk about this i tracked it down and totally love, love, love it!!!!

    Thanku for another fab reccomendation!!!xxxx

  • Brittany

    I saw this in the store and passed it up. Now that I see it on your nails I will be going back. You have helped me determine whether or not I really wanted quite a few nail polishes. Thanks.

  • Dipa

    You made me get this color Jen !!