• http://floorsstyle.blogspot.com Floor Daasvand

    Cool that you can buy it for only $10 :D

  • amber

    Where are your earrings from?


  • Lessa

    You got a completely different March Birchbox than I did. Mine just had a nail polish and a couple good moisturizers, but nothing that great.

  • http://www.texancouture.com Erin

    I agree completely by far my favorite birchbox that I have received. I also love those earrings!

  • http://MindBodyBeauty.blogspot.com Erica

    what!??!!? om freaking goodness! Your box was freaking incredible! I didn’t get any of that stuff in my birchbox! I know that every body gets different stuff but I didn’t get any good brands, no makeup, & on top of that my card didn’t say anything about Teen Vogue month! I didn’t get a slip on my box that says teen vogue either! I got some vasoline texture “face wash”, a nasty smelling body wash, exfoliating beads (which are ok, but has nothing on your teen vogue box!!) I am seriously jealous (can you tell?) of your essie polish that they just released mere months ago, & your tarte lip stuff! Don’t want to burst your bubble and obviously it isn’t your problem at all. I am just surprised—-