The Entire Collection of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils: Swatches, Review

The Entire Collection of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils: Swatches & Review

I’ve decided to swatch every available color that the NYX Jumbo eye pencils come in. These pencils are extremely opaque and make an amazing eyeshadow base.

The NYX Jumbo eye pencils are usually in the $4 range. However, they go on sale all the time! Ive seen them as a buy one get one free, and most recently buy one get one half off. These are really affordable and easy to work with!

They have amazing color payoff and even the more frosty shades have an almost opaque consistency. In my opinion they are best used as an eyeshadow base. I like to put down a base (mac painterly paint pot) and then a NYX jumbo eye pencil on my lid. I dont recommend applying these past the lid, as they are very creamy and could easily crease.

If you have an eyeshadow that’s not very pigmented and you want a more intensified color, these are a must! They are extremely blendable and for the price you really cant go wrong. I don’t think you will ever regret picking one up!

My personal favorites: Rust, French Fries, Oyster, & Lime

What colors do you own, what are your favorites, or do you plan on picking any up?


  • Adri

    They look really good, I’ll have to buy some of those colors. Can you do a make up tutorial using these?

    • Jenny

      yes absolutely..i know ive done a couple using mainly milk as a base. but ill do a tutorial soon! xoxo

      • Zarah

        yes please. i have some of these. but i dont know how to use them :(

  • Brittany

    I love these! I only own 3: Oyster, Pots & Pans, and Milk. I think I need to get Strawberry Milk next because I love wearing pinks. Thanks for sharing all the colors!

    • Jenny

      great choices!!! i love pinks as well! check out lime too..its a golden wearable green. its so pretty!!!

  • clare

    wish we could get them here in the UK :(
    you guys are so lucky!!

  • Vivi

    I would love to have Milk and Black Bean !!! But really all these colors are gorgeous, I wouldnt know which one to choose ! Shame i can’t find it in any store here in the UK >_< I've seen them on ebay ! Maybe i'll give it a go … Leesha from Xsparkage uses Milk all the time :D I love it it looks a really good product =)

    • Vivi

      (i’ve just seen this comment of your with the Amazon link =D thankssss allot !!!)

      • Jenny

        youre welcome<3 hopefully you can pick some up now!

  • Karen

    I really like these jumbo pencils but after I saw your paraben video, I checked the Nyx ingredients and these pencils have parabens. :( So now I try not to use them as much. Did you know there were parabens in these?

    • Jenny

      yeah i knew only after i purhcased mine!

  • The Style Voyager

    These colours are amazing, don’t think I can get them that easily in Hong Kong though. But thank you for making the swatches, they helped a lot.

  • Jackie

    Oh wow these are soo nice! I’d love to get some but I don’t have them available to me where I live!! I tried buying some from when there was a NYX sale on Hautelook but when I went to place my order, it said my postal code was in Alberta, Canada… which I live in Quebec so it wouldn’t let me order anything. :(
    There are some really awesome colours!!
    It sucks that they have parabens in them :(

    • Jenny

      im sure amazon sells nyx that will ship to canada!!!

      • Jackie

        Oh, I didn’t think of that, thanks! I’ll definitely check it out :)

        • Jenny

          ya i think it really doesn’t matter where you live if you search enough there will be sites that ship to you! and a lot of the larger well known sites do. xoxo

  • Anna Smith

    Omg. I love Nyx jumbo eye pencils! Just picked up four of them. Pure gold, iced mocha, black bean, and pots & pans!

    • Jenny

      well you got four gorgeous colors!! arent they sooo pigmented!!

  • Zina

    Hi, I absoluty love all of the colors but unfortunatly we don’t have a NYX here in Holland :(.

  • dahlia

    where can you get these? i checked my ulta, but couldn’t find them…

    • Jenny

      ive seen them at ulta and at cvs. but if you cant find in store they sell them online!!! google them, there are tons and tons of stores xoxoxo

  • Jennifer

    Wow thanks for the swatches these look soo great!! And you are so sweet, I can’t believe you respond to every post!

    Just one question, do these crease badly if you were to wear them alone or as a base? I feel like they might… thanks! <3

    • Jenny

      aww :) ya i wouldnt wear them alone and i always apply them over a regular base like mac painterly paint pot. and it never creases! when you set it with a shadow it should be fine

  • Kylie

    Oh my goodness, Slate, Pot and Pans, Milk, Strawberry Milk, Yogurt, Iced Mocha, French Fries, Purple Velvet, and Lime are definitely going on my shopping list. Especially since they are so affordable!
    I know you can use these for a shadow base, even though they are not wonderful for those who tend to crease a lot. (I don’t think I have ever ceased in my life though, so its not really an issue, haha) But I was wondering if they would work well as an all over lid color?
    It would be so convenient for when I’m running late or staying over at a friends house or even for touch ups because you could just swipe them on and blend with your finger. Do you think they would work well enough on their own?

    • Jenny

      as long as you put down a shadow base and then the pencil i think you should be ok!

  • laheelahee

    a BOGO sale? omg where? i already have a few of them,, but im looking for a good deal to get more. can you recommend a good site? thanks!

  • Liz


    I have 10: Milk, black bean, pacific, horse raddish, lime, strawberry milk, french fries, slate, purple, iced mocha.
    And I would like to try out: electric blue and rocky mountain green. :)
    I also use them as an eyeshadow base- milk is still my favourite and for smokey eye I have used slate. :)

    I get these from ebay, NYX isn’t sold in Estonia.

    • Jenny

      ya there is a great selection and deals on ebay!!! you have some great colors!

  • Ashley Breton

    electric blue & purple are so multi – faceted! I love it. looks like you used some of these in your britney look. love it xo

    • Jenny

      ty!! xoxo

  • Melina

    in love with them!!!! :)

  • Larissa Brito

    Hi! I’m new to your site and YouTube channel and so far I’m loving them both!
    I do own two of these (Dark Brown and Black Bean), and while I think they are great color bases because they are so pigmented, I do think they tend to crease on me. I think they are just too creamy and get oily on my eyelids. I still want to try some of the other colors though, specially Purple Velvet, Cottage Cheese and Pots & Pans.

    Larissa from Brazil

    • Jenny

      larissa do you use a base b4 applying them? also do you set them w shadow? i find that helps. and ty for the sweet compliment!!

  • Larissa Brito

    Hi! I do set with shadow but never tried using a base or primer before! Thanks for the tip! :)

    • Jenny


  • Anna

    Wow thanks for these swatches! I have milk and I want yogurt :)
    they are definately worth $4, comes with so much product! Great blog and channel keep it up :)

  • Allyson

    What colors do you 4 colors do you recommend for me to get first? I’m 15 have hazely green eyes, and I don’t get to crazy with my eyeshadows! Thanks for these swacthes love! I know it must of taken a long time! <3 :)

  • littlelucy

    WOW, you’re officially the best swatcher ever! I loved reading your review too. They were very helpful. In total, I think I want about 15 of these pencils. I have 4 at the moment but I definitely want more.

  • Debby

    I just bought my first one of these and certainly want more. I got the iced mocha

  • Julia

    (btw im not american)
    im going to NY in the end of june and i’m making a list of everything i need, most of these are there already
    you’re reviews are great, im so excited :D
    thanks for the amazing reviews <3

  • aafia

    I’ve had mine for more than 2 years and they do not try out and they last FOREVER even if you use them all the time. They are really a holy grail product for me. I love them!

  • Sammy

    Hi there!

    I am also in love with the nyx pencils, and for those of you who commented from the UK – you can get them from, or nyx themselves have a uk site that you can puchase from.

    but my question is – what do you do when the pigmented tip runs out – can you sharpen them?

    p.s. jen ur so lovely and you have such beautiful style :) i love watching your videos and your blog is fab :)


  • Heidistylhix

    I absolutely love this post! The swatches are amazing! The photos were set up very nicely, and the descriptions are plain and clear. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sabrina

    Ok, here it goes,
    Cottage cheese
    Black bean
    Dark brown
    Strawberry milk
    Pure gold
    I want them all!

  • deanna

    Can you sharpen Them?

  • Smilechrizzeh

    Thanks for sharing!!! :D
    Can I use a normal pencil sharpener for this jumbo pencil?
    If not, what kind did you use? And where did you buy it from?
    It’ll be really helpful if you answered these questions.
    Thanks! :)

    • Vriska

      As they are made from plastic, you can’t really use a pencil sharpener with them. A good way to get all the product out is to melt them into a container, or into an empty lipstick tube. The fastest method for melting the product is with a microwave in 2 minute or so incriments. :)

  • Naomi Ganzu

    I was looking for Jumbo NYX review! And I landed on your page! Great review.
    Add me via g+ :D

  • Meghasaundaryasansar

    i had been looking for the entire range swatches….thats gr8. I am also looking fwd to buy those.