• Ashley

    I absolutely love your denim nails and plan on trying them. I wanted to ask are there any other beauty and nail bloggers and bloggers that you follow or get tips from?


  • http://nailandpolish.blogspot.com.au Melanie

    This is really clever Jen nice work!

  • http://shortylegsbeauty.blogspot.com Anna

    I have to try this out… I love the look :)
    It reminds me a bit of the crackle nail polish but I think that this looks a lot more cuter :)

  • Helen

    I actually did this one and it worked! It doesn’t look as good as yours but I have really little nails that are hard to work with. I did a red, white, and blue theme for the 4th. Alternating red and blue nails with the white on top. It turned out so cute!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • jenna

    This is an awesom idea love it wil try tonight keep up the great work

  • http://www.google.com Angelica Nishimoto

    I am your biggest fan! Yeah 12 year old girl xD
    I really like this nail design I tried this with pastel pink and yellow it was really cute, and black and red is also pretty cute, but my favorite is blue and white and neon green and neon pink! Amazing nail designs!!

  • isabella

    I am your fan number 1 and i am 10 years old you always inspire me and make me try lots of your videos and i totally love all your nail polish videos i will try tis one out!!!

  • Diana

    Very clever love u!!!!!