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How To: Easy Dreamcatcher Nail Art

For more photos, colors used, and an easy video tutorial..Keep Reading!!!

Nail Polish Used:

Green: POP Beauty Magic Mint

Design: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen’s in Black and White

Pink: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

If you want to see how easy it is to achieve this manicure, I hope you enjoy the video tutorial below! xo-Jen

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  • http://lacqueerisa.blogspot.com Lacqueerisa

    oh! That’s such a lovely fun idea for an interesting nail art! Thanks for sharing!

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      glad u like!

  • Jane Iris

    Oh! So beautifull… xoxo

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous


  • Aparna

    Your nail art designs are always so gorgeous, just like you! <3 (:

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      awwwww so sweet! thank you!

  • http://aciddreamsandsugarhighs.blogspot.com/ tanya

    These look so cute. Love the base colour too xx
    DIY Blog – http://aciddreamsandsugarhighs.blogspot.com/

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      thank you :)

  • Selina

    This is just soooo pretty!! Thank you so much :) This weekend I’m definitely gonna try this.

    • http://polishandpearls.com MissJenFabulous

      yay thats awesome!

  • Sheila

    How long do you usually wait before putting on a top coat after using those Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens? My friends and I always end up smearing the designs with our top coat!


    This design is so gorgeous, not that any of ur designs aren’t. Just did my nails last night so i will def have to try this weekend. If possible could u give some tips on how to do ur not dominant hand, I do a pretty good job but everything could use improvements. Also. if u don’t mind my asking where did u go to get ur cosmetology license.

  • Jennifer

    I love this design! <3 .. May I know what nail art pen you used to make the black part of the dream catcher? Thanks! :)

  • Xochitl Perez

    this design is sooo pretty! i love your nail tutorials and was going to ask what kind of nail art pens you were using when i saw this on youtube but I just saw that it said sally hansen. I’m so going to buy the nailart pens tomorrow. I love your work :)

  • Agata

    So, so cute ♥

  • http://theblogonastick.wordpress.com/ Lexa

    I was looking for a green-turquoise-blue-I-want-you nail polish. The one you used seems beautiful. One more entry to my “To buy” list ;)

  • nycole

    Great look and i LOVE the feather!!!!! <3

  • Lucie

    WOW! Those nails are beautiful! Could you tell me where you bought that stick which you used to create the net of the dreamcatcher? Thanks -xx

  • http://www.floorsstyle.com Floor Daasvand

    awesomee :D

  • Gina

    i love these, so pretty! sadly mine didn’t come out as awesome as yours

  • Liesanne

    I love this!! Where did you got that black pencil from?:)

  • http://embosnails.blogspot.fi E-S

    Hi Jen,

    I had already been thinking of Greamcather nails for a while, but inspired by your youtube tutorial I finally did try them out! And it was also my time using acrylic painting on nails, so I did pretty well: http://embosnails.blogspot.fi/2013/03/unisieppari-akryylimaalein-ihana.html :)

    I also now came across your blog and started to follor because you obviously have great tutorials! :)

  • http://thiskittenhasklaws.wordpress.com/ Catherine Dream

    This is brilliant <3

  • fashionist

    omg its so pretty. can you do a nail tutorial on how to make star desighns

  • olivialove

    so cool ! where do you get your topcoat?