Yin Yang Nails!!!

This Ying Yang nail design was inspired by Katy Perry! She tweeted this deign on her nails a couple months ago, and most recently was seen wearing it on the September issue of Elle Magazine!

To see how easy it is to create this manicure…

Enjoy the video tutorial below! If you try this manicure out, be sure to send me a photo on my Facebook or Twitter! xo-Jen

11 thoughts on “Yin Yang Nails!!!

  1. Love this design and that I can try it on my now short nails; they keep breaking ughhhhh. when will we see ur new hair color although i absolutely love ur hair as blonde

  2. Love them, perfect on your nails. I like them better on your nails because Katy’s are shorter than yours and don’t look good? I’m trying to grow my nails out and shape them with the help of your shaping video.

  3. I absolutely love all of your tutorials! Especially the nail art ones. I was just wondering if I could borrow your acid wash nails tutorial for my blog. I would definatly link it to your website and everything. If not, I completely understand.

  4. great manicure, I tried it but I didn’t use nail striper ( because I don’t have black one) instead I just use the brush that came with the nail polish and it was easy to , it didn’t get all messy .
    unfortunately I forgot to take a picture so I will have to do it again =))

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